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Obituary for John Robert Salvatore

John Robert

On Wednesday October 5, 2022
Age 61, of North Hills Ross Twp.

Our Family member who was lost too soon:
Loved Youngest Son of Margaret Jean Salvatore.
Loved Youngest Son of Arthur Raymond Salvatore, the late.
Loving brother of Arthur Raymond Salvatore, the 3rd.
Loving brother of Lynne Anne Dawson, the late.
A devoted uncle of Emily L. Dawson.
Fond uncle of Michelle Batch.
Loved uncle of Arthur Raymond Salvatore, the 4th.

A friend who departed too early:
A social butterfly to many.
Steve, especially, a blessed friend and family companion.
The Franko brothers together, who care for John so much, they are helping us greatly in this time of grief we all share.
A companion who was known to many at the church, and who also share loved support.
He touched the lives of many with his goofy ways of simple living. He always expressed his appreciation in every way he was able to.
He had the that Sal' spark.

A soul that moved on too quick:
He passed away quietly in his hospital bed, Wednesday October 5th, 2022 due to medical conditions.

A custodial technician of St. Teresa of Avila for about 15 years. After there, he worked with Vincentian Regency for 5 years, again as a custodial technician, until his physical health began to make that difficult.
Even with health conditions on his mind his passion to live life, the way he wanted it to be enjoyed, only thrived.
Which, on some levels, may be apart of why his time ran short on us. He played the game, and even though he wasn't always handed the best deck, he made the best of it. He played sports when he was younger, specifically football. Amazing talent in his young times, and watching sports was certainly enjoyed in his older years.
He was a strong fan of the Penguins and Steelers! He loved his TV shows, Gunsmoke, Mad Max, Ridiculousness, and many more. He loved to watch boxing, and if that wasn't it for the moment he found good passtime in playing Wii. He loved Wii golf! Bowling also!
He was the best cuddles to my fur babies; always had his lap to spare. He had all the love in the world for his Yorkie, Bella, who he now has joined, and my pup, Lynnae, who will miss him dearly.
Most of all, he provided his Mother Dear, Margaret/Peggy, with the loving support and organized foundation that promoted keeping her the strong lady she still stands as today.

In the most simple of moments, all John wanted was a popsicle to smile; it didn't even matter what flavor.

You are loved so much.
You will forever be missed in all the good moments to come.
You're held to unlimited height in the hearts of us all.
Rest dearly with God in the peaceful Heavens.